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Our History

PAP Community Foundation - A Journey of Growth (summarized version excerpts from PCF Story 25th Anniversary issue, 2011)


In the early 1960s, some of the government’s most pressing concerns were the educational and social development of Singaporeans and their children. PAP Kindergartens were set up to give preschoolers a headstart in life and prepare them for primary school. These early kindergartens occupied all kinds of locations that could be turned into educational centres – from “wayang” stages to shophouses!


The PAP Kindergartens became very popular among Singaporeans. More and more centres were established islandwide to make preschool education accessible to children from all walks of life.


On 17 May 1986, the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) was established as the charitable arm of the PAP. All PAP Kindergartens were then renamed PCF Kindergartens. To meet the needs of the community as well as to improve the standard of kindergarten education, PCF launched Project Kindergarten (1987 – 1989). PCF kindergartens went through a stage of transformation and improved the physical facilities, revised the curriculum and teaching approaches to be more aligned with the principles of early childhood education.


From 1991 to 1994, PCF kindergartens underwent another major revamp through Project Pre-School (PPS) which saw further upgrading of physical facilities and improved curriculum.
In April 1991, PCF launched its first childcare centre, Sparkle*tots at Telok Blangah to meet the rising needs of the community. Programmes were also implemented to train and upgrade in-house teachers, support early childhood education training in tertiary institutions.
In 1992, many series of training programmes, like PCF Orientation Courses, PCF Fundamentals Courses as well as Music and Movement Workshops for Kindergarten Teachers, were conducted to enhance PCF teachers’ skills.
In 1999, the PCF Study Awards scheme provides monetary study awards to deserving polytechnic students every year.



Financial assistance schemes such as the PCF Alumni Book Prize and the Headstart Fund were set in place to support needy students. A sea of change in learning approaches took place and the schooling experience in PCF centres became impressively vibrant, caring and child-centred.


PCF kindergartens and childcare centres continued to upgrade aggressively. Across all 87 braches, PCF offers a variety of modern, integrated teaching approaches and up-to-date facilities for children that are comparable to most private kindergartens and child care centres. As it rolls out more programmes to support the wider community, PCF still holds true to its original aim of providing affordable preschool education for Singaporeans.