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PCF Personal Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

PCF takes a serious view in personal data protection. We are committed to safeguarding the personal data of our parents, children, senior care clients, business contacts and all stakeholders in accordance with the Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).  

Our Privacy Policy as set forth here enumerates how we collect, use and protect the privacy of personal data entrusted to us.

Personal Data
For the purpose carrying out the regular business activities at PCF including but not limited to registration for preschool education, eldercare services and their related activities, you may be requested to provide personal data not limited to the following:• Full Name;
  • Residential Address;
  • Identity card number;
  • Payment details, including credit card and banking information;
  • Contact details, including telephone number or email address
Use of Personal Data Collected 

Personal data collected will only be used for their intended purpose or for purposes directly related to the original intent in carrying out the regular course of business.

Accordingly, PCF may collect, process and use personal data not limited to the following purposes: 
  • Registration and enrolment
  • Providing updates related to our services such as report cards
  • Providing information on relevant services and events
  • Conducting identity checks
  • Collection of fees and arrears
  • Complying with any regulatory authority 
  • Compiling data for meet request of auditors or any other form of reporting to but not limited to regulatory agencies.
  • Responding to or follow up with customer inquiries
Disclosure of Personal Data

All personal data held by PCF are kept confidential. Unless required or permitted to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any information you provide to us without your consent.

There are however instances where personal data may be disclosed as follows:
  • In the event of a medical emergency
  • In response to emergencies that threatens the life, health or safety of the Public or another individual
  • In fulfilment of any electronic payment or collection process 
  • In the course of facilitating to obtain services or assistance as required by our customers in connection to our business activities
We may also provide the information collected to the following parties:
  1. Any person or company who is acting for or on behalf of PCF in respect of the purpose or directly related purpose for which the data is provided for
  2. Any person or persons that have the right under Singapore law to gain access to such information provided.
Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent for us to collect, use, disclose and/or retain your personal data. Should your withdrawal of consent impede our ability to perform our services, you agree that we may not be able to continue our service to you.

To withdraw your consent for us to collect, use, disclose and/or retain your personal data, please email:  dpo@pcf.org.sg

Access and Correction

If you wish to access, update or otherwise change or remove any information that you provide to us, please contact us at: dpo@pcf.org.sg

Accuracy of Personal Data
PCF takes reasonable care and effort to ensure that personal data is accurate and complete. Where necessary, sighting of documents will be requested for validation purpose. PCF will not be responsible for inaccurate personal data if updates are not duly furnished to us or if information provided are erroneous.

Protection of Personal Data
PCF is committed to protect personal data against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, copying, use, alteration, accidental loss or theft, destruction or damage.

We ensure that there are adequate cyber-security measures as well as operating processes in place to protect personal data entrusted to us.  

Complaint process

Should you have any complaints or grievances pertaining to the handling of personal data or PCF's compliance with PDPA, you may write directly to PCF's Data Protection Officer (DPO) at dpo@pcf.org.sg

Changes to Privacy Policy

PCF will review our policies and processes from time to time. This is to ensure that we properly manage, protect and process your personal data. PCF reserves the right at any time to modify or update our Privacy Policy without prior notice.  For instance, this may arise due to revisions under the PDPA.  We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to understand our policy regarding the collection and use of your personal data.

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