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A Symbol of trust and quality of excellence in Early Childhood Education

As the leading preschool operator, PCF has been consistently rated as a trusted brand and of good quality through its many achievements, awards and accolades. 


Accredited Training Organization (ATO)

PAP Community Foundation (PCF) has been approved as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) to train Chartered Accountants of Singapore under the Singapore Chartered Accountant Programme by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC).

As an ATO, PCF is committed to provide support and guidance, for aspiring professionals to achieve their Singapore Chartered Accountant qualification.

Human Capital Corporate Champion Award

PCF was conferred the 'Human Capital Champion Corporate Award 2010' at the Official opening of Human Capital Singapore (HCS) on 23 March 2010. PCF was one of the six deserving companies being applauded for their wholehearted involvement in levelling up their people management capabilities from the top executives and senior management attending events like the CEO Roundtable Series to people managers within the organisation who attended various HR WSQ Competency-based modules.

• Human Capital Corporate Champion Award 2010 
• Human Capital Breakthrough Award 2013 


PAP Community Foundation wins the Gold Award in the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Survey 2015

PAP Community Foundation is the only pre-school operator in Singapore to be conferred the Gold award for 5 years in the Pre-school Learning Centre category. Having inspired and nurtured more than 1.17 million young learners, PCF continues to be the trusted choice for parents by providing good quality pre-school education and care to every child.

The annual survey of readers identifies brands which appeal most to Asian consumers, and reflects the consumers' choice of their most trusted and favourite brands among others available in the market. 

Survey respondents were asked to name their most trusted brand in each of the product categories, and then to rate each brand they named according to 6 attributes - Trustworthiness and Credibility, Quality, Value, Understanding of Customers' Needs, Innovative, and Social Responsibility. Brands which scored higher than their competitors receive a  Trusted Brand Gold Award.

• Winner – 2010 (Early Childhood Learning Centre Category) 
• Winner – 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Preschool Learning Centre Category) 


Citi-NIE Financial Literacy Hub for Teachers - Partner School Award 2014

For PCF participation and commitment in piloting financial education for kindergartens. The award is conferred by the Citi Foundation and National Institute of Education. 


Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) Award - The Friendly Pre-school Award 2011

In recognition of PCF’s efforts and programmes to cater to children with special development needs.