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Headstart Fund 2019 (HSF 2019) is a financial assistance scheme which aims to help PCF pre-school children in their education during their formative years.

Without sufficient financial support, underprivileged families may find it a struggle to give the best education to their precious little ones during their critical formative years. Some parents of the underprivileged families are forced to prioritise
basic needs of food, shelter and work over the development and education needs of their children. These priorities whilst essential, affects the children’s early development and education needs, putting them at a disadvantage with the peers of their same age. At PAP Community Foundation (PCF), we aim to Give Your Child the Best Possible Start!

PCF Headstart Fund (HSF)

Two Types of Assistance Available: 
1. Successful applicants will receive $50 a month up to a maximum of $600 a year.
2. Successful applicants who have special needs (eg. hearing/ visually impaired, autistic, Down Syndrome) will receive $100 a month up to a maximum of $1,200 a year.

1. The child must be a Singapore citizen.
Child must be between the age of 4 to 6 years old
3. At least one parent must be a Singapore citizen.
4. Child must be enrolled in a PCF kindergarten / PCF childcare centre / PCF student care.
5. Gross monthly household income is less than or equal to $2,500.
6. Gross monthly per capita income is less than or equal to $625.
6. For special needs cases
,child must be attending a therapy programme in a hospital, special schools or agencies that are registered / licensed with MOH, MCYS or MOE.

Other Condition
Upon approval,
child must be attending school regularly and have a good attendance record. If the child is enjoying HSF Assistance for the previous year, he/she must achieve a good attendance record of at least 75% per school term for the previous year in order to continue to be eligible for the HSF in the following year.

Where to Obtain an Application Form
Application forms are available from any PCF centre (
kindergarten / childcare centre / student care centre).