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The PCF Charity Division works to enhance the welfare and interests of both the citizens and residents of Singapore regardless of gender, race or religion. Our programmes provide financial empowerment to the underprivileged. It was set up on the 23 July 2002 with the Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and Charity status granted on both 24th and 25th July 2002 respectively. PCF Charity Division were involved in major programmes such as : 

PCF Study Awards (Polytechnic)

PCF gives out study awards each worth $2,700 to deserving students from the five polytechnics annually. The recipients of this award are selected based on their household income, good academic results and involvement in community service and/or CCA. They are well-rounded students who have done well in the polytechnics but who need financial support.

The Awards aim to ease their worries over tuition fees so that the students can concentrate on their studies and motivate them to continue their good work. 

Award Amount and Criteria for review
Annual PCF Study Awards of $2,700 each to 50 deserving polytechnic students, at 10 per polytechnic.

The main criteria are listed as follows:
• For Singapore Citizens.
• For second / third year students.
• One child per family is eligible for the award.
• Good academic results with GPA 3.0 and above.
• Involvement in co-curricular activities / leadership / community service activities.
• In need of financial help (gross per capital household income up to $700).
• Must not be receiving another bursary / scholarship to cover tuition fee concurrent to receiving PCF Study Award.
• The Polytechnic is to ensure that there is a good mix of gender and race.
• Applicants from diverse disciplines.

At the PCF Family Day on 5 September 2011, PCF gave out 47 study awards each worth $2,000 to deserving students from the five polytechnics. Our Prime Minister officiated at the ceremony. The PCF has been offering study awards for more than 20 years. Since 1999 and in 13 years, 563 Polytechnic students benefitted from $1,126,000 disbursed.