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Fee Adjustment For Several PCF Centres With Effect From January 2016
Fee Rebate from January 2016 to June 2016


Tuesday, 29 September 2015The PAP Community Foundation (PCF), which currently operates 369 Preschools, will implement a fee adjustment exercise in 2016 at its 209 Kindergartens and 139 Child Care centres. The fee adjustment is within the guidelines stipulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and was approved by the same in May 2015.

The average increase for Singapore Citizen children in Kindergarten, Child Care and Infant Care services are $16, $28 and $48 respectively. With these changes, the average fees for the same services are $151, $669 and $1287 respectively.

On a goodwill basis, PCF will be extending support to parents for the first 6 months from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016. During this period, children of Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents will enjoy a rebate equivalent to the fee increase amount. The new fees will thus come into effect from 1 July 2016 onwards.

At PCF, we are very mindful of the need to keep our fees affordable. Thus even after the fee adjustments, PCF fees remain well below the cap allowed by ECDA. For Kindergarten service, the average PCF fee is 12% below the ECDA fee cap. Similarly, PCF Child Care and Infant Care fees are on average; lower by 13% and 6% respectively, compared to the maximum fees allowed by ECDA. In addition, many PCF centres will continue to offer fees at lower than the median fees of other Anchor Operators.

We recognize that there may be families who will require financial assistance and PCF will help connect them to the relevant sources of support.

Children from low-income families with household incomes of equal to or below $6000 and $7500 in Kindergarten and Child Care centres respectively, are eligible for up to 99% fee assistance. The net fee payable can be as low as $1 for Kindergarten, $2 for Child Care and $6 for Infant care services.

At the same time, PCF renders additional assistance via its Headstart Fund, which supports families with per capita income of $500 or less.

The fee adjustment exercise is important to enable PCF to continue its investments in raising the quality of its teachers, curriculum and learning environment as well as ensure sustainability as operating costs rise.

On an on-going basis, PCF invests heavily in teacher training and development. Currently 96% of PCF teachers hold, or are pursuing a diploma in Pre-School Teaching whilst 52% of Principals are also degree holders or are pursuing one. Further to this, teachers undergo 30 hours of professional development each year. PCF also strives to provide a competitive remuneration package to attract and retain well-qualified staff. The latter has been increasingly challenging in recent years, given the keen competition for limited manpower resources in the industry.

Since 2014, PCF has also embarked on a plan to upgrade 157 centres to provide a more conducive learning environment for its children. To complement this, the curriculum is regularly revised and updated to ensure its relevance.

Our efforts to raise quality standards have yielded positive results. Today, 1 in 2 PCF centres have successfully obtained certification under the Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework (SPARK), compared to the average of 1 in 4 centres at the national level.

At the recent 2015 ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, PCF received 8 awards in total for Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher, Outstanding Early Childhood Leader and Early Childhood Innovation Award. This is an improvement over last year, when PCF won 6 awards.

In addition to the above, 10 Chinese, Malay and Tamil Language PCF teachers were among the total 13 award recipients for the 2015 Outstanding Pre-School Mother Tongue Language Teacher.

PCF remains committed to provide quality and affordable preschool services to families with young children.