Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Awards 2018

(Our award winning centre leaders and representatives)

We would like to congratulate all our PCF Sparkletots educators and preschools who received the ECDA and SPARK awards at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 on 5 and 6 October 2018.

These awards serve as a recognition of the critical role educators play in shaping the future of our nation through their commitment to the holistic development of our children and exemplary practices in curriculum, pedagogy and innovation. They inspire our early childhood educators to continue to strive towards professional excellence in early childhood care and education and give their best to nurture young minds.

Our preschools that won the Early Childhood Innovation and Outstanding Centre Awards were also invited to showcase their award-winning projects at a concurrent 2-day Early Childhood Exhibition. Through interactive displays and take-home activities, parents and their children could experience and learn from our educators on how the programmes were conducted at PCF Sparkletots.

(Centre leaders and representatives of our new SPARK certified centres)

Outstanding Centre for Teaching & Learning Award
PCF Sparkletots @ Pioneer Blk 661B

(Senior Teacher Ms Tan Chiew Hoon receiving the Outstanding Centre for T&L Award at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 from Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee)

Ms Hamidah, the Centre Leader strongly believes that a well-designed learning environment is a powerful curricular tool. The Centre turns the limited spaces into a piece of art to create conducive and inviting learning spaces for children. These are intentionally designed with materials that are carefully selected, based on learning objectives and outcomes. Each learning space are pockets of resource-rich activities to engage children in a meaningful way.
Ms Hamidah does not limit the children’s learning to the confines of the Centre. She sees the neighbourhood as a canvas to be extended to enrich the children’s experiences. The teachers set up mobile outdoor art spaces in the void deck and public parks for the children to create art using natural materials. The Centre also works closely with the community to value add to the curriculum. An example is a fruit garden where children experience what it’s like to be in an orchard and learn firsthand how fruits grow. 

Promising Early Childhood Leader Award
Ms Sabrina Chew (Centre Principal)
PCF Sparkletots @ Bishan North Blk 409

(Centre Principal Ms Sabrina Chew receiving the Promising Early Childhood Leader Award at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 from Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee)

Sabrina has over a decade of experience in the Early Childhood sector. She has not only nurtured children, but has also played an important role in developing teachers at her preschool through multiple initiatives. For example, teachers are encouraged to cross-share their learning. Collegial sharing and discussions impact on teaching and learning practices. 

Through these, the teachers are better informed to put new strategies to the test in their learning centres and teaching. She was also key in launching Project Learning in her centre, where children brainstormed themes which they want to carry out an in-depth investigation and deepen their understanding. When children are empowered, they are motivated and engaged in their own learning.

Early Childhood Innovation – Distinction Award
Project Title: Harvesting Rain
PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chu Kang Blk 10

(Centre Principal Ms Angela Tan receiving the Early Childhood Innovation - Distinction Award at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 from Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee)

The project was intended to raise children’s awareness and importance of saving water. The teachers observed that the children did not quite understand the importance of water by just reading about it. With reference to how research supports active learning experiences, they planned an interactive project to help children gain a better understand of water conservation.  The teachers set up a Rain Collector tank to help children understand how rainwater is filtered for everyday consumption. Through the process, they were able to see for themselves how much water can be  collected and more importantly, how quickly it could be used up for daily consumption. The teachers also designed various classroom activities such as washing equipment and furniture like chairs and watering plants to help them understand the importance of saving water. Through this experiential approach to harvesting rain, the children become more environmentally aware, and of the part they can play in consuming and saving water.

Early Childhood Innovation – Commendation Award
Project Title: Dream Plate
PCF Sparkletots @ Tampines West Blk 140

(Centre Principal Ms Jean Ong receiving the Early Childhood Innovation - Commendation Award at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 from Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee)

Teacher and parents worked together to address concerns about the children’s eating habits. The intent of the ‘Dream Plate’ project was to raise awareness of nutrition and encourage children to eat healthily. They did this by presenting food in a visually attractive way. As part of the project, parents also picked up tips and strategies through centre-based workshops on how to manage children who are ‘picky eaters’. Through the project, the children used fruits and vegetables to create 3-dimentional food art and were also introduced to a variety of healthy ingredients. 

Early Childhood Innovation – Commendation Award
Project Title: Buzz Off!
PCF Sparkletots @ Cheng San-Seletar Blk 533

(Centre Principal Mrs Raja receiving the Early Childhood Innovation - Commendation Award at the Early Childhood Conference 2018 from Guest-of-Honour Minister Desmond Lee)

The ‘Buzz Off!” project helped raise children’s awareness that they too can play an active role in dengue prevention by being active and responsible citizens. The children embarked on a learning journey to find out about the impact of Aedes mosquitoes from community partners and through firsthand accounts and role play activities in preschool. Apart from inspecting their own homes, centre premises and neighborhood for potential breeding grounds with a checklist, the children also brainstormed and designed a magazine based on what they have learned and insights from their experience. The magazines were distributed to residents to create awareness and spread the knowledge of dengue prevention.