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Sparkletots Curriculum 

The division which was set up in July 2009 at PCF HQ to oversee the development, delivery and evaluation of curriculum for PCF Education Centres, has been renamed the Professional & Education Development Division (PED).  PED comprises the Curriculum Team, the Language Specialists Team and the Quality Assurance Team. 

The main scope of work of the Curriculum Team at PED is the development of the PCF Central Curriculum for Kindergartens and Childcare Centres.  This Team works closely with the Education Centres to support the delivery of a quality programme that would nurture active learners and prepare the learners well for the next stage of learning at the primary school.  The curriculum writers also aim to share lesson ideas and engaging teaching strategies through the curriculum they prepare and send out to the centres.  Hence, they are constantly keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of early childhood education.

The metaphor of a pinwheel for the HQ Central Curriculum speaks of the Team's belief that the curriculum ( which covers six learning areas for the holistic development of a child) should be integrated so as to present learning activities through meaningful contexts.  It should also have the potential to engage the young learners as thinkers, explorers and problem-solvers as they learn through play.  The pinwheel also serves to remind teachers as trained, experienced and creative professionals that they are the key drivers in ensuring that the curriculum is effectively implemented. 

The curriculum, therefore, aims to develop children to become confident, keen and active learners and effective young communicators by helping them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition through these six learning areas:
• Aesthetics & Creative Expression
• Discovery of the World
• Self & Social Awareness
• Language & Literacy
• Numeracy

• Motor Skills Development

Since 2012, PCF has adopted a centralized approach to managing its kindergartens and childcare centres, to better establish consistent quality standards and improve educational outcomes for the children under its care. Centres under central management come under the HQ Operated Centre (HOC) scheme and are managed by the Preschool Management Division.
The PreSchool Management Division (PMD) comprises a team of early childhood and education professionals, curriculum specialists, quality coaches and administrators. Collectively they provide strategic leadership and strong support in 3 key areas, Centre Leadership & Management, Professional & Education Development and Central Management Services, with the aim of transforming PCF centres into a more viable and effective social enterprise.
Our key priorities:
• Nurture our children's unique qualities and potential, to become successful life-long learners
• Develop in our children a love for languages and a sense of community spirit
• Collaborate with community partners to create a holistic learning experience for our children
• Support families through strong partnerships and parent education programmes
• Create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth and diversity
• Establish a safe and secure environment for our children and staff

Professional Development
At PCF, we deeply value our staff and make their professional development and personal growth our priorities. Employee training and development opportunities that are part of the PCF experience include:
• Opportunities for our educators to network and learn from one another
• On-going employee training to enhance skills and acquire new capabilities
• Programmes to grow our Leaders' capabilities and confidence
• Overseas learning journeys to gain exposure to international best practices
• Attachment to foreign system schools to broaden our educators' perspective and learn good practices