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PCF SparkleTots Preschool @ Marsiling 

Spread over 2500 sqm, PCF Sparkletots centre located at Woodland St 12, coupled with an extension bay at Blk 101 will have a capacity of over 300 childcare places including infant care. The centre’s design concept is built on the belief that children require ‘Vitamin G’ – regular doses of green environments to learn and play. Its design has been well thought to provide children access to a variety of outdoor experiences that not only support gross motor development and co-ordination but also exploration of the natural world.



Learning will not be restricted to within classrooms but expanded to interactions in outdoor spaces guided by our teachers. For example, a lesson about plants and trees will include a walk around the lush gardens to see their true scale, discover the different colours, shapes and textures of leaves as well as listening to the sounds of leaves rustling. Such direct sensory experiences and valuable learning opportunities will help children make strong connections to their learning in the classrooms as well as develop in them a sense of social and environmental responsibility. These experiences coupled with a comprehensive curriculum that promotes the development of core academic skills for school readiness, will help our young children become confident learners and responsible young citizen who are future ready.



  • Large indoor and outdoor open spaces designed in a way that is safe and secure for young children and enable easy navigation.
  • An environment friendly design that maximises natural ventilation and light throughout the centre while offering ample shade at the outdoor areas and lighting equipment to harness solar power.
  • Classrooms which open up to a large, natural outdoor area including a herb and vegetable garden where children can plant and grow our own food.
  • A 350 sqm rooftop play area equipped with cycling and running tracks as well as equipment for water and sand play.
  • Common spaces such as the music & drama room, art studio and little chef’s corner where children can enjoy activities that promote creativity and innovation. 



Infant (2 months) to Kindergarten 2 (below 7 years)


Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm, Saturday 7am to 2pm


Parents who are interested may place your interest at