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Our Mission

The PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is the social and charitable arm of the People's Action Party.

The mission of PCF is to enhance the well-being of the community by providing quality educational services at affordable cost, as well as through welfare and community services. The vision of PCF is to nurture a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society by providing educational, welfare and community services.

Desired Outcomes for the:


  • Develop a love for learning
  • Ready for primary school
  • Happy and confident


  • Anchored on a distinctively PCF curriculum
  • Professionally delivered
  • Of high educational quality and standard
  • Provide an enriching SPICE (Social-Physical-Intellectual-Creative-Emotional) experience


  • Strong corporate governance
  • Responsive to the changing needs of the community


  • Highly motivated
  • Professionally qualified
  • Imbued with PCF core values


  • Engaged and supportive parents
  • Positive industry partnerships
  • Accessible and affordable services for the community

The PAP Community Foundation (PCF) comprises of 1 HQ and 87 Branches, each of which consists of between 1 and 8 centres. These centres provide Kindergarten, Childcare, Student Care and Aged Care Services.


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