Celebrating Excellence

Progressive Wage Mark Accreditation

PCF has obtained the Progressive Wage Mark Accreditation

The Progressive Wage (PW) Mark symbolises excellence for companies that pay fair wages to lower-wage workers. This accreditation, administered by the Singapore Business Federation on behalf of the Tripartite Partners (MOM, NTUC, SNEF),  identifies and supports businesses that positively impact the well-being of our workforce.

We are pleased to announce that PCF has obtained the Progressive Wage Mark accreditation.​ With this accreditation, we have fulfilled the new government procurement requirement for firms to be accredited with the PW Mark for the contract period. The PW Mark requirement will be extended to Government quotations from 1 March 2024.

WIPO- IPOS IP For Innovation Awards 2023

The WIPO-IPOS IP For Innovation Awards 2023 celebrates Singapore enterprises who have achieved outstanding growth through the successful use of intellectual property (IP).

Organised by IPOS International and supported by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the Awards seek to recognise IP champions who have leveraged the effective use of IP to innovate, transform and grow their business.

Since its inception in 2013, 50 organisations have been conferred this pre-eminent accolade. PCF is delighted to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone by becoming One of the Top Six (6) finalists for the prestigious WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Awards 2023.

This distinguished honour underscores our unique approach to measuring success. At PCF, we prioritise the profound impact we have on society over commercial standards. Our commitment to innovation is evident through our leading role in inclusive education research, our proprietary materials in mother tongue, and our renowned ONE PCF Curriculum. Our recognition as finalists in these awards highlights the role of innovation, intangible assets, and intellectual property in shaping the future of our young ones, reaffirming that innovation knows no boundaries, even in the preschool sector.

Great Place to Work® and Great Place to Learn™

In 2020, PCF was honoured to be recognised as a Great Place to Work®️ and Great Place to Learn™️ by the Great Place to Work Institute. In 2021, PCF clinched 1st place in the 2021 list of Asia’s Best Workplaces (Large category) compiled by the Great Place To Work Institute. This monumental achievement was made possible only because everyone in PCF contributed significantly. The award recognises the best workplaces and company cultures based on employee reviews and achievements in championing learning at work, to foster a high performing workplace culture.

We are very proud of our staff who worked hard to bring our values to life every day. As a GPTW certified organisation, we are inspired and encouraged to work even harder to do more for our employees as we continue to serve the community.

Top Employer Award 2019 – Education

PCF has once again distinguished ourselves by clinching the Top Employer 2019 (Education) award, conferred by Influential Brands® at the award ceremony held on Tuesday at Chatrium Riverside Hotel, Bangkok.

There is much to celebrate as this is the second consecutive year that PCF is recognised as one of the Top Employer Brands. This accolade gives recognition to brands which have achieved high standards of employee engagement, in addition to the brand’s continuous drive towards employer branding excellence. Our performance was assessed based on PCF’s Employee Engagement, Company Culture and HR Practices.

As the largest preschool operator and employer in Singapore, PCF firmly believes in investing in our employees and building a supportive, engaging and conducive work environment.

Whether you are working at Sparkletots, Sparkle Care or the HQ, we want you to feel a sense of ownership and continue to take pride in the work you do every day, and in PCF’s continued success and growth. This is why we are committed to ensuring that staff development and improvements to work environment are our top priorities.

This award affirms that our strategies in place are the right ones to build a better PCF for everyone. It also highlights our impressive PCF culture to engage every employee as we believe that an engaged employee, is a happy employee.

Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)

PAP Community Foundation (PCF) has been approved as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) to train Chartered Accountants of Singapore under the Singapore Chartered Accountant Programme by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC).

As an ATO, PCF is committed to providing support and guidance, for aspiring professionals to achieve their Singapore Chartered Accountant qualification