Enhanced Headstart Fund Activities


The eHSF Activities is a carefully chosen set of experiential learning programmes and activities designed to inspire PCF Sparkletots children from lower-income families.


  • K2 children from preschools with more children receiving eHSF financial assistance will be prioritized for the programme.
  • The child must be an existing student enrolled in a PCF Sparkletots preschool that has been selected to participate.

^ Before CPF deduction and include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay and allowances

The eHSF Activities offer enriching experiences for PCF Sparkletots children from lower-income families, nurturing creativity and resilience. These carefully curated programmes aim to ignite a passion for learning and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

No application is required.

Children enrolled in PCF Sparkletots who meet the income requirements will be eligible for the eHSF, as determined by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

For more information, please feel free to approach the centre administration staff.

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