Enhanced Headstart Fund Financial Assistance Scheme


The Enhanced Headstart Fund (eHSF) Financial Assistance Scheme provides financial support to PCF Sparkletots children from vulnerable families so that they can have a strong start in their education.


  • Child is a Singapore Citizen and aged between 2 months to below 6 years old.
  • Child is an existing student enrolled in a PCF Sparkletots preschool.
  • Family’s gross monthly Household Income (HHI)^ is $4,500 and below, or Per Capita Income (PCI)^ is $1,125 and below for larger families.
  • Child has existing KIFAS or ECDA Childcare & Infant Care Subsidy.

^ Before CPF deduction and include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay and allowances

Eligible families will only have to pay monthly preschool fees of no more than

  • $2 for kindergarten
  • $5 for childcare
  • $90 for infant care.

Families with preschool children diagnosed with additional needs will receive double the support given under the eHSF.

The eHSF is a valuable resource for lower-income families with children in preschool. It helps to ensure that all children have access to quality early childhood education, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

The primary use of the eHSF is to pay for monthly preschool fees. Parents can also use it to cover other preschool-related expenses, such as transportation and meals.

No application is required.

Children enrolled in PCF Sparkletots who meet the income requirements will be eligible for the eHSF, as determined by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

For more information, please feel free to approach the centre administration staff.

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