Sparkle Gift of Love


An education gift bazaar for lower-income families, where children can have a fun and educational shopping experience.


  • Children in K1 or K2 enrolled in a PCF Sparkletots preschool and have a family HHI of $4,500 or below or PCI of $1,125 or below are eligible for this gift bazaar.
  • They may also qualify if they already have KIFAS or ECDA Childcare & Infant Care Subsidy.

^ Before CPF deduction and include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay and allowances

At the branch level, we organise a gift bazaar to support the education needs of children. Eligible children can choose their desired items and enjoy the festivities with their parents.

The Sparkle Gift of Love initiative is an optional event. We will let you know if your child is eligible and if the preschool is organising it.

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