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As Singapore’s top preschool operator, we pride ourselves on enriching children’s lives, igniting curiosity and nurturing young minds. Our expanding team of award-winning educators fills each day with inspiration. Our dedicated teachers spark joy and ignite the imaginations of our little learners.

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A Brighter Future in Every Sparkletots Child

Every child enrolled at Sparkletots enjoys a learning journey filled with enriching experiences.

Our curriculum blends play-based and outdoor learning, incorporating lessons in literacy, technology, and even an intergenerational programme. Our programmes also impart essential self-management and life skills for a brighter future.

See Our Curriculum in Action

Explore the philosophy and structure of our curriculum. We crafted it to spark curiosity and inspire creativity in every child. Our innovative teaching methods guide us in carrying out fun activities in a caring environment. This unique approach positions PCF Sparkletots as a leader in early childhood education.

  • We celebrate each child’s uniqueness. We nurture their self-esteem and language development. Our teachers create a safe space where children can express themselves. They will learn communication skills, making them ready to connect with others. As your child’s language abilities grow, so will their confidence.

  • We help each child develop social skills and a sense of responsibility. They learn through cooperation, empathy and self-control. Your child will also learn to value diversity and understand their role in the community and the wider world.

  • We cultivate an environment where children are encouraged to explore and discover. This helps them to think and use what they have learnt in real life. We want to inspire a love for discovery and instil a lifelong passion for learning.

  • We focus on nurturing each child to be healthy, positive and joyful. Our holistic approach covers physical well-being. It also includes safety awareness and fostering positive attitudes towards learning and overcoming challenges. We promote healthy eating and habits, physical fitness, and a positive mindset.

Start Your Learning Adventure

Explore the Sparkletots curriculum.

See how our curriculum enriches your child’s learning journey with diverse experiences. Our curriculum goes beyond gaining knowledge. We aim to cultivate strong values, self-management and essential life skills. This will help your child succeed in the future.

Quality Learning That Is Affordable

At PCF Sparkletots, we offer clear information on service fees and subsidies. Your confidence in our services matters to us. We are committed to keeping you well-informed every step of the way.


Teacher Nura showed great compassion towards Annanya when she cried daily in school. Teacher Nura slowly built a rapport with Annanya, who stopped crying. She even managed to get my daughter to try fruit, which we had trouble with back home! Thank you, Teacher Nura and PCF Sparkletots!

Shubashini Thangavelu
Parent of Annanya
PCF Sparkletots @ Jalan Kayu Blk 518

See Kah has learnt a lot from school and become more independent too. We want to thank the teachers for posting learning journals in bulletins so we know what she has learnt in school. We appreciate your patience and care for our daughter. Love from See Kah to all of you

Mr Lee Wai Hong & Mdm Kee Li Choo
Parents of See Kah
PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 337

Thank you, Mrs Yeo, Senior Centre Principal of PCF Sparkletots, for your motherly love for the students. Since my child joined Sparkletots, I have seen significant improvements in his academics, character, and general development. Thank you for your incredible leadership and your great team of teachers.

Joelle Tan
Parent of Elmias Tan Qing Chang
PCF Sparkletots @ Yew Tee Blk 682

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