PCF Sparkletots to Upscale Experiential Learning Experience For Children

Singapore, 5 November 2018 – PCF Sparkletots will step up ongoing efforts in making learning beyond the classroom a key focus of its curriculum. With over 360 preschools and an enrolment of over 43,000 children, PCF Sparkletots is committed to ensuring that more children will have access to equal learning opportunities beyond the classroom. This holiday season, the largest preschool operator and employer here has organised fieldtrips for some 6,000 PCF Sparkletots children to give them new and exciting experiences that can inspire them to reach their true potential and enhance their cognitive development.

From 2019 onwards, PCF Sparkletots will be availing more structured learning programmes in areas such as speech and drama, sports, IT literacy and social etiquette to PCF Sparkletots children at heavily subsidised prices. These initiatives are part of PCF’s larger approach, together with the investments in staff development – S$20 million over the next three years -, as well as investments in upgrading and building new PCF Sparkletots preschools, to provide quality preschool education for all.

These were announced by Mrs Josephine Teo, PCF Executive Committee Chairperson at Bee Amazed Garden this morning. During the event, over 60 children from PCF Sparkletots @ Sengkang South Blk 535 learnt about team building and working in unity through the behaviour of honey bees and how they care for one another.

PCF Chief Executive Officer, Mr Victor Bay shared, “Today’s event at Bee Amazed Garden is one such example of what we are aiming to achieve at PCF Sparkletots. Such programmes will help children during their formative years to have access to a holistic learning environment. Research has shown that these activities help to develop independence, resilience and problem-solving skills. We have always been organising learning journeys beyond the classroom for our pre-schoolers throughout the calendar year, and we want to make such valuable learning experiences available to more children, especially for those who may not have the opportunity to do so during the holiday period. At PCF Sparkletots, we remain committed in providing quality education through investments in our staff, preschools and most importantly, our children.”