Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF

Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF

Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF

Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF

Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF
Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF
Here's why you should choose PCF Sparkletots | PCF

Here’s why you should choose PCF Sparkletots

09 June 2021

From wayang stages, and shophouses in the 60’s, to current classrooms with air conditioning and fun learning spaces, PCF Sparkletots has come a long way.

But its purpose has never wavered.To make sure every child receives quality, and affordable education. And we’ve done so by improving curriculum and facilities, and providing continual professional development opportunities to all our staff.

At PCF Sparkletots, teachers ensure that children learn well, are safe and well taken of, so that whether you’re working or not, you’ll have peace of mind.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should choose PCF Sparkletots.


Beyond basic Maths and English, the PCF Sparkletots Curriculum has additional programmes designed to power up your child’s learning.


Can your child be an inventor?

A PCF Sparkletots child realised her paintbrush bristles kept getting bent when she left them to dry. So she invented The Drying Hook that would keep her paintbrush upright and the bristles straight while drying.


That’s a solution to a real-world problem.

A programme in PCF Sparkletots known as STEMIE; Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Invention, Entrepreneurship, will help your child do just that. Find solutions to real-world problems with their inventions.

Children experiment, fail, and experiment again. They learn resilience. When they succeed, they present to their classmates the entire process and at the end of it, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, put a price tag on their inventions.

Sparkletots children have won awards at national invention conventions both local and overseas.

Let your child be an inventor, with PCF Sparkletots.



Will your child bond with his grandparents?

Children learn good values when they engage with the elderly.

Storytelling, baking, and singing, are just some of the activities organised by PCF Sparkletots teachers for the children, when they visit Sparkle Care centres, and nursing homes.

As children tell stories, bake, and sing with the seniors, they learn to respect, and be sensitive to the needs of their elders. At the same time, when elders speak to the children, the children get to practice and improve their command of their mother tongues as well. An added bonus!

At PCF Sparkletots, the Intergenerational Programme is one of its core focus areas in the curriculum. So the next time your child visits his AH GONG and AH MA see the difference!

Let your child add sparkle to their lives with PCF Sparkletots.



Will your child be able to speak his mother tongue well?

When a child realizes how fun it is to learn his mother tongue, you’d be surprised at how fast he will pick up words.

At PCF Sparkletots, teachers instil a love for language, and joy of learning, with story theatre, role playing with costumes, and traditional songs and rhymes.

The next time you chat with your child, don’t be surprised when you hear him ask questions in your mother tongue.



Will your child be resilient?

Your child will realize that not every lesson in life is learnt in a classroom. They will also realize that when life gives you rain, jump in the puddles!

Outdoor learning was designed to help your child develop problem solving and motor skills.

Children explore the outdoors and exercise their imagination with play. For example, using loose stones and leaves to form numbers in Mandarin. Children also learn to take calculated risks, under the watchful teacher’s supervision. In this way, children learn the value of self-reliance.

Let your child be an adventurer with PCF Sparkletots.



Will your child be safe with us?

We understand the fears of every parent when it comes to the safety of their children. Especially during the pandemic. We take our responsibility to keep your children safe at school very seriously.

We’ve stepped up our safe management measures as part of our Preschool Safety Plan in line with the stricter requirements of the regulatory agencies.

We wipe down and clean all the facilities every day.

Every centre has also been equipped with a UV Sterilizer for sterilising toys and shared items.

We emphasize Children’s First Principles. These are principles which all our Sparkletots educators adhere to:

  • Ensure children are always treated respectfully
  • To always acknowledge and address children’s needs
  • Build strong relationship with the children under our care.
  • Ensure that children enjoy learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • Educators should only use positive and age-appropriate strategies.

All our preschool staff attend workshops and refresher briefings on child-safety. They also complete a 7-module SSWB (Safety, Security and Well-being) training and assessment programme which covers our Children First principles and key SOPs related to safety. Our Preschool Management Division regularly highlight key SSWB matters for our centre leaders to guide their staff.


At PCF Sparkletots, our educators have big hearts because it takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Teachers follow the Children’s First Principles, which means the safety, security, and well-being of your child, is top priority in everything they do.

As teachers are the heartbeat of what we do, we invest heavily in their upskilling and upgrading through structured and sustained training and development. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your children will be future-ready, in the safe hands of our teachers.

Even though we are not in it for awards and accolades, our passion for nurturing early learners shines through in everything we do. Our preschools and educators are recognised annually across a range of national-level awards in the sector, including the annual ECDA Excellence Awards and MOE Outstanding Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teacher Awards.

In addition, 4 out of every 5 eligible PCF Sparkletots preschools have attained the SPARK accreditation, which is a mark of endorsement for quality preschools and their programmes.

Most importantly, every teacher is always there for your child. You can trust them to teach your child well.

Over a million children have gone through the Sparkletots journey with us and taken their first steps into a bright future.

Let your child take his first step now.

Click here to visit our Virtual Open House to locate a centre near you and register your interest for your child’s enrolment today!

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