Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF

Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF

Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF

Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF

Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF
Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF
Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early | PCF

Why You Should Enrol Your Child in Preschool Early

23 June 2021

Bill Gates said that the first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 years will turn out for your child. That’s so true.

Early years are crucial for children’s development and preschool education lays a strong foundation for children. It will influence your child’s learning, development, and competency for the 21st century.

Research has shown that a child’s brain develops, more than at any other time in life, from birth to age 5.

This means your child will absorb knowledge and new skills and achieve a high level of learning and development, during that period. As such, a good quality preschool experience will significantly and positively impact your child’s early development and lay a strong foundation for his future.

If you’re still not convinced you should enrol your child early in preschool, just consider the benefits.


1) Learning programmes to power up your child’s development

The learning programmes at PCF Sparkletots provide a rich, robust and safe environment for children to engage in different types of play.

Play is key to a child’s development and learning. Play allows children to explore, experiment and understand. Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning, and teachers understand this.

Teachers engage infants in many stimulations with meaningful interactions, and age-appropriate activities such as clearing an obstacle course, and storytelling that engages all their five senses.

When your children are exposed to early learning programmes at PCF Sparkletots, they improve their social and learning skills for the future.

2) Your child gets a head start

With the PCF Sparkletots integrated and holistic curriculum, your child will learn positive social skills and develop an enthusiasm for learning. The Sparkletots curriculum is designed to give a foundation of learning that will support your children throughout their lives.

Language and Literacy

Children learn communication and literacy skills as they talk, sing and read with the teachers and their peers. They also learn that reading and writing are important as teachers use these skills in their daily tasks and interactions.  Children also learn literacy concepts as they’re involved in recognizing letters and print and play word games.


Children learn skills such as comparing, sorting, grouping and measuring objects and creating patterns in the different activities they’re involved in. In these ways, they develop their mathematical thinking and expressions.

Scientific Explorations and Discovery of the World

We want children to be awed by the things around them, and develop their sense of wonder. The Sparkletots curriculum enables children to observe and describe things around them. They’re encouraged to explore the natural world by observing, manipulating objects, asking questions, making predictions, and interpretations.

Physical Activities

Children need a safe environment to play and grow. At PCF, we promote physical development by providing children with a safe, supervised space where physical play is encouraged, both indoors and outdoors. These physical activities are carefully planned so children gain increased motor skills such as balance, co-ordination and muscle memory.

Social and Emotional Development

Children learn social skills and how to process emotions from the world around them. As children interact with their teachers and peers, it will hone their skills in sharing, taking turns, as well as learn how to consider the perspective of others, show empathy and regulate their own behaviours.

3) Your child improves his independence

In school, children learn to clean up after themselves, make choices, take care of the classroom and resources, push their chairs in, and keep their bowls and cups after meals. You child’s independence improves with these small acts of behaviour.

4) Your child’s learning is more enriched

PCF Sparkletots collaborates with several community partners like for example, the Republic Navy. Planned visits are conducted to open the children’s eyes and minds to other worlds and experiences.

On one visit, our little ones were fascinated to learn what life is like on a naval base and how the shores of Singapore are kept safe.

Children also visit senior care centers, as part of PCF Sparkletots Intergenerational Programme, to participate in storytelling activities with the seniors. Such activities further enhance confidence and communication skills, and nurture compassion among young children.

These visits, as a result of collaboration between PCF Sparkletots and community partners, give your children rich and authentic experiences that go beyond the usual textbooks. Which is another benefit of enrolling your child early, as these experiences are not easily found at home.

5) Your child has access to professionally trained teachers and educators

PCF Sparkletots educators work as your partners in observing, and assessing your child’s learning and development over time. They do so through daily interactions and observations of your children.

From these observations, the teachers will understand the interests, needs and abilities of the children. They will then be able to plan appropriate lessons to enhance the children’s learning at a suitable pace.

This is enormously beneficial to you, as parents, as having a better understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, will allow you to support your child in different areas.

In this way, you maximise your child’s fullest potential.

Let your child take his first step now towards fulfilling his potential.

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