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Our Services

Dementia Day Care

Our dementia day care programme takes in inputs from clients and caregivers whenever possible. Our staff are trained to support clients with different stages of dementia, and to age with grace and dignity. 

About Dementia Day Care

Dementia is a condition that can affect a person’s memory, attention, reasoning, and personality. We provide dementia-specific programmes that match your loved one’s cognitive abilities and dementia stage. 

Our well-trained care staff are able to manage challenging behaviours with patience and kindness. We also provide support through continuous education and training to help caregivers feel confident, caring for their loved ones. 

Dementia Care Support
@ Sparkle Care

Caregivers play an essential role in helping the person with dementia live well in the community. As a caregiving journey can be long and challenging, caregivers must know how to self-care and navigate the community resources to support their loved ones well. The PCF Sparkle Care team can provide caregivers with advice and information on overcoming various challenges as the disease progresses. 

We involve our clients in activities that improve independence and choice. We work closely with both clients and caregivers towards a consistent approach that they can continue to make use of at home.

We concentrate on activities that match each client’s needs.

We set our activities at a level that feels “just right,” aiming to maximise our client’s abilities and enjoyment. Caregiver training is crucial.

We offer full support and guidance, including strategies for handling challenging behaviours at home.

Dementia isn’t just an issue for the elderly; it can also affect many people who are in their 40s and 50s. 

At PCF Sparkle Care, we are also here to support this group of clients. 

Our activities are age-targeted and empowering, allowing clients to participate in meaningful activities such as assisting care staff to conduct activities or exercise sessions with our dedicated team. 

What we offer for our
Dementia Care

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)

An evidence-based and structured programme specifically 

designed for persons with mild to moderate dementia in groups. 

Doll and Pet Therapy

The use of robotic pets (eg. cats and baby seal Paro) or baby dolls to engage clients with advanced dementia and clients with behaviour of concern.

Omi Interactive Sensory Activities

Omi is an motion-activated sensory system which house hundreds of interactive activities that are designed to engage and motivate people with cognitive, physical or sensory impairment.

Outdoor Activities and Gardening

We incorporate outdoor activities into our activity programmes for clients to enjoy the fresh air, warm sun and the beauty of nature.

Intergenerational Activities

Our intergenerational programmes bring the young and old together to create bonds that warm the heart. The programmes can energise the seniors by giving them a sense of purpose as they share their experiences and skills, and reduce a sense of isolation. The programmes also help the younger generation appreciate the older generation, and encourage bonding among all.

Other Activities

Namaste Care

Namaste Care is a person-centred programme for people with moderate to advanced dementia. It aims to combine meaningful, one-to-one sensory activities in a calm environment with a ‘loving touch’ to produce a sense of pleasure and well-being. Our trained care staff leads the programme but involvement from family members and staff is highly encouraged.  

Sensory Stimulation Therapy

Sensory stimulation therapy uses familiar sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures to engage all the senses and nurture a sense of well-being in seniors. Sensory stimulation is not just about keeping seniors occupied, it’s about enriching their lives and connecting them to the world around them.

Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence therapy is a pathway to connect, reflect and celebrate the rich tapestry of memories in the elderly.

Snoezelen Therapy

Snoezelen therapy is all about creating a sensory haven to enhance relaxation and stimulation for individuals with diverse needs.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and Art Therapy enriches the lives of the elderly through the transformative power of music and art therapy.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main services are:
i) Maintenance Day Care
ii) Dementia Day Care
iii) Active Ageing Programme
iv) Active Rehabilitation
v) Maintenance Rehabilitation

Please visit our services page for more information.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main programmes are:
i) Physical
ii) Cognitive
iii) Futuristic
iv) Active Rehabilitation
v) Psychosocial
vi) Dementia Specific

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Our Services

At PCF Sparkle Care, we work closely with clients and therapists to develop personalised plans to help restore or maintain seniors’ independence, functional and/or cognitive abilities.

Maintenance Rehabilitation

Maintenance Rehabilitation

Once a client has completed their initial therapy, we will help them create a plan to stay healthy, active and prevent further decline in their condition.

Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation

Our therapists and therapy assistants will assess and support each client’s active rehabilitation goals and develop a personalised plan that meets their individual needs and goals.

Active Ageing Programmes

Active Ageing Programmes

Our Active Ageing Programmes are customised for communities in different neighbourhoods. We offer a variety of interesting and unique activities to help seniors spend their days meaningfully according to each person’s needs.

Maintenance Day Care

Maintenance Day Care

Our Maintenance Day Care Service offers a variety of programmes to help seniors stay active physically, mentally, and socially. Seniors can choose the activities they want to participate in, so they can enjoy their time with us.