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Are you passionate about helping seniors?

Our volunteers are compassionate individuals who generously dedicate their time and energy to brighten the lives of seniors in our community.

Discover volunteering opportunities that fit your schedule and together let’s make a difference!

4 Types of
Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer, you will connect with and befriend seniors, whether they are at community centres or homebound. Your role is crucial in ensuring their well-being, offering support and reducing feelings of isolation.

Put your unique skills to heartwarming use in our community! If you possess talents like hair-cutting, repair work, or technology expertise, we welcome you to share them at our centres and within the community. Your special talents and abilities can make a real difference. You can also be an activity facilitator, leading exercises or guiding arts and crafts sessions at our centres. Your contribution will bring joy and fulfilment to the lives of our seniors.

For those unable to commit regularly, there are opportunities to be involved in one-off events. Join us for special occasions like flag days, outings with seniors or fundraising events. We also offer ad hoc volunteering opportunities that involve some training, like being a medical escort. As a medical escort, you’ll accompany seniors to and from their medical appointments, providing crucial support. If you live nearby any of our centres, you can make a real difference by helping frail seniors with simple tasks such as reading letters or grocery shopping.

If you are tech-savvy and prefer virtual interactions, you can still make a meaningful impact! Connect with seniors through online platforms, offering companionship and checking in on their well-being. For those with in-depth health knowledge, consider hosting virtual talks to share valuable insights with our senior community. Volunteers have the opportunity to facilitate virtual activities within their comfort zone, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up by filling up the Volunteer Interest Form. We will get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

As a volunteer, you will undergo thorough training designed specifically for your chosen role. The training will include an orientation and specialised skills training, and you will also receive continuous support throughout your journey with us.

The time commitment varies for each role. For some roles, a consistent, regular commitment is required, while others offer more flexibility and are event-based.

Certainly! We encourage you to pick a role that aligns with your interests and skills. We provide a variety of opportunities for you to explore from.

We welcome both individual and group volunteers.

No, not at all. We value your enthusiasm and commitment, and no prior experience is necessary. Training and support will be provided for all roles.

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