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Maintenance Day Care

Our day care programme is planned with inputs from our clients, caregivers, and our team of dedicated AHPC-registered therapists, centre managers, nurses, and care specialists.We are committed to helping seniors age gracefully in the warmth of familiar surroundings.


About Maintenance Day Care

We understand the worries that come with frailty, physical impairments and social isolation in loved ones. These concerns can be pressing when you are balancing work and family.

Let our maintenance day care staff ease your worries with full-day fun activities, encouraging your loved ones to stay physically active and socially engaged.

With our full-day programmes, family members can enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones are well cared for.

What we offer for our Maintenance Day Care

Physical Exercises

Our clients enjoy group physical games, music and movement sessions, and strengthening exercises to maintain or improve their physical agility. It’s all about staying active and healthy!

Intergenerational Programmes

Our intergenerational programmes bring the young and old together to create bonds that warm the heart. The programmes can energise the seniors by giving them a sense of purpose as they share their experiences and skills, and reduce their sense of isolation. The programmes also help the younger generation appreciate the older generation, and encourage bonding among all.

Social and Recreational Activities

We ensure our clients have opportunities to take part in fun activities. From karaoke to arts and craft, and from dancing to sewing, we create a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Field Trips

We believe in learning beyond the centre’s walls. That’s why we regularly organise field trips to exciting places like Horticulture Park, Singapore Botanical Gardens and Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Other Activities

Occupational Therapy

Let’s make your loved one’s home safer and more comfortable! We provide custom adaptive tools and home tweaks to boost safety and ease, in their living spaces. Your family’s well-being is our priority.

Medication Management

We are here to help both your elderly loved ones and their caregivers understand the importance of taking medication regularly and attending regular health check-ups. Let’s ensure their well-being together.

Communication and Education

We help to maintain open communication with the elderly, their families and caregivers. We also share knowledge on managing chronic conditions and embracing a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones. Let’s walk this journey hand in hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main services are:
i) Maintenance Day Care
ii) Dementia Day Care
iii) Active Ageing Programme
iv) Active Rehabilitation
v) Maintenance Rehabilitation

Please visit our services page for more information.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main programmes are:
i) Physical
ii) Cognitive
iii) Futuristic
iv) Active Rehabilitation
v) Psychosocial
vi) Dementia Specific

Please visit our centres page for more information.

Our Services

At PCF Sparkle Care, we work closely with clients and therapists to develop individualised plans to help restore or maintain seniors’ independence, functional and/or cognitive abilities.

Maintenance Rehabilitation

Maintenance Rehabilitation

Once a client has completed their initial therapy, we will help them create a plan to stay healthy, active and prevent further decline in their condition.

Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation

Our therapists and therapy assistants will assess and support each client’s active rehabilitation goals and develop a personalised plan that meets their individual needs and goals.

Active Ageing Programmes

Active Ageing Programmes

Our Active Ageing Programmes are customised for communities in different neighbourhoods. We offer a variety of interesting and unique activities to help seniors spend their days meaningfully according to each person’s needs.

Dementia Day Care

Dementia Day Care

Our Dementia Day Care clients can enjoy a variety of interventions, including the latest digital devices and robotic tools, to help slow or maintain their condition and provide enjoyment.