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Maintenance Rehabilitation

Our maintenance rehabilitation programmes are designed to maintain abilities and prevent further decline.

About Maintenance Rehabilitation

After a health setback, you will need to recover. Our rehabilitation services help you regain physical and mental well-being, ensuring a smooth return to your everyday activities and connection with your community.

Maintenance Rehabilitation Journey @ Sparkle Care

Our caring team of therapists and assistants is dedicated to understanding your loved one’s needs and creating an individualised rehabilitation plan just for them.

Our compassionate therapists and therapy assistants will conduct detailed assessments of your loved one’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. This helps us identify their strengths and areas that require attention in their rehabilitation journey.

In maintenance rehabilitation, a caring team of healthcare professionals, including therapist assistants, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, work together to support your loved one’s well-being.

Our therapy assistants, with specialised training across various conditions, support your loved ones in maintaining their fitness and cognitive abilities to the best of their capabilities. 

We actively involve caregivers in education, motivating clients to continue their rehabilitation within the community. 

This collaborative approach ensures that the clients’ and caregivers’ inputs are valued, creating a comprehensive and individualised care plan that is both realistic and effective.

We will create individualised care plans based on assessment insights.

We will also customise interventions to suit the distinct needs and goals of every senior, considering their preferences and cultural background.

Maintenance Rehabiliation Services

Osteoporosis Management

Nurture your senior loved ones with our individualised care. Osteoporosis, a quiet threat to women over 50, silently weakens bones, often leading to unexpected fractures and extended periods of rehabilitation. Our dedicated team offers tailored-made exercises, fostering strength and confidence and guiding the path to a vibrant, active life.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Incorporate cognitive exercises and activities to maintain or improve cognitive function. Work on memory enhancement, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive abilities.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovering from a stroke is a personal journey, spanning weeks to years. Our dedicated Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists collaborate with you and your caregivers, setting realistic goals. We help you regain lost skills and enhance daily activities through tailor-made sessions, and a compassionate and expert-guided recovery.

Parkinson’s Disease Management

Managing Parkinson’s Disease, a complex condition impacting the nervous system poses unique challenges. Our dedicated Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists collaborate with you and your caregiver to assess your condition, set rehabilitation goals, and develop programmes for safer mobility, muscle strength, and daily living. Together, we aim to enhance your quality of life amidst the challenges of living with Parkinson’s.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main services are:
i) Maintenance Day Care
ii) Dementia Day Care
iii) Active Ageing Programme
iv) Active Rehab
v) Maintenance Rehab

Please visit our services page for more information.

At PCF Sparkle Care, our main programmes are:
i) Physical
ii) Cognitive
iii) Futuristic
iv) Active Rehab
v) Psychosocial
vi) Dementia Specific

Please visit our centres page for more information.

Our Services

At PCF Sparkle Care, we work closely with clients and therapists to develop personalised plans to help restore or maintain seniors’ independence, functional and/or cognitive abilities.

Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation

Our therapists and therapy assistants will assess and support each client’s active rehabilitation goals and develop a personalised plan that meets their individual needs and goals.

Active Ageing Programmes

Active Ageing Programmes

Our Active Ageing Programmes are customised for communities in different neighbourhoods. We offer a variety of interesting and unique activities to help seniors spend their days meaningfully according to each person’s needs.

Dementia Day Care

Dementia Day Care

Our Dementia Day Care clients can enjoy a variety of interventions, including the latest digital devices and robotic tools, to help slow or maintain their condition and provide enjoyment.

Maintenance Day Care

Maintenance Day Care

Our Maintenance Day Care Service offers a variety of programmes to help seniors stay active physically, mentally, and socially. Seniors can choose the activities they want to participate in, so they can enjoy their time with us.