Our Achievements

Celebrating Excellence: PCF Sparkletots’ Awards and Achievements

ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development

The ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development recognise exemplary early childhood leaders, teachers and educators, and centres that have excelled in teaching and learning and their innovative practices.

PCF Sparkletots is delighted to have won different award categories over the last few years. We are happy to clinch the Outstanding Early Childhood Leader (Commendation), Outstanding Early Childhood Educator and Early Childhood Innovation (Merit) again at the 2021 edition of The ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development.

MOE – Outstanding Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teacher Award

The OPMTL Teacher Award recognises the contributions of preschool teachers in making the learning of MTL engaging while nurturing a love for languages among preschool children.

We are proud to announce that our teachers won 7 out of 14 awards for outstanding effort in teaching MTL. 5 teachers received the Outstanding Award. Another 2 received the Merit Award in the 2022 Outstanding Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teacher Awards.

Award Winners

  • After Teacher Bindhu completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education, she continued her learning journey, upgrading herself through formal training and informal sharing. Bindhu attended the “Certificate in Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teaching – Tamil (CPMTL-T) from 6 April 2021 to 9 November 2021. She incorporates what she learnt into her Tamil lessons.

    Bindhu grasps every opportunity to learn and improve her teaching techniques. She uses different forms of storytelling such as Digital Storytelling, Villupattu, Bhoomlattam, stick puppets and story boxes. Children find her lessons interesting because she makes an effort to introduce cultivated traditional games, songs and dance in her classes which she learnt from her CPMTL-T course.

  • Ms Nazreen Banu, a former dentist, took a bold leap of faith into the early childhood industry after working with young underprivileged children as a volunteer storyteller for five years under the National Library Board.

    She joined PCF Sparkletots at Tampines Changkat Blk 318 as an assistant teacher in 2015 and transferred to the Sengkang East Blk 187B in 2021. Nazreen possesses a genuine love for the Tamil language and proficiency in writing poems, stories and songs. Her passion for the language is so infectious she passed it on to the children during her teaching.

    To develop children’s interest in spoken Tamil and language proficiency, Nazreen encouraged parents to enrol their children in Tamil competitions held by various organisations. Under Nazreen’s guidance, children participated and won first place in the Thirukural competition organized by Ayer Rajah CC in 2020, the Tamil language festival by Tampines Changkat 2020 and the Pongal drama competition organised by the Tampines Indian Activity Executive Committee in 2021.

    In addition, Nazreen works with the PCF Tamil curriculum team and writes lesson plans for the N1 Tamil curriculum. She also ventures outside the organisation and interacts with other Tamil language teachers to share best practices and learning resources.

  • Ms Nur Ain firmly believes in the Kindergarten Framework for her Mother Tongue Language. She has a diverse knowledge of various ethnic cultures. Knowing that young children learn best by experimenting with their environment through hands-on exploration, she plans for such activities. She prepares the materials to make her lessons engaging and fun for the children. For example, during a class on things used at home, she brought a mortar and pestle for the children to explore with.

    She extended this activity into a cookery lesson through Inquiry Base Approach (IBL). Children used the mortar and pestle to pound ingredients for Nasi Lemak, a dish that is a part of the Malay culture. This activity gave children the opportunity for authentic and concrete experiences. It stimulated their sense of wonder, developing an appreciation for their culture and practices.

SPARK Certification

SPARK stands for the Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework.

It is a comprehensive quality assurance system.

SPARK certification is not just a label; it’s a rigorous process that ensures the highest standards of preschool education. It helps centre principals improve how they teach and run the school, starting with setting baseline standards, conducting a self-appraisal, and undergoing an external assessment by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to validate the self-appraisal.

We are proud to share that about ninety percent of our eligible PCF Sparkletots preschools have achieved the SPARK certification. Many also excel in critical areas, such as implementing innovative teaching methods, developing comprehensive and age-appropriate curricula, demonstrating strong leadership and management, and employing effective pedagogical approaches.

A Spark Certification is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the quality of education we provide.

It underscores the high-quality, affordable preschool education offered by PCF Sparkletots.