Explore the Joy of Learning

We go beyond the classroom to create enjoyable experiences for your little ones. We spark curiosity and set the stage for a positive start to formal schooling. At PCF Sparkletots, education is more than just a lesson – it’s an adventure!

Meet the Sparkletots Child:
A Well-Rounded Individual

The Sparkletots child is confident, friendly and a critical thinker. They are great at communication and socialising, taking on responsibilities with empathy.

Here are the four key traits guiding their success as they grow up:

  • We celebrate each child’s uniqueness. We nurture their self-esteem and language development. Our teachers create a safe space where children can express themselves. They will learn communication skills, making them ready to connect with others. As your child’s language abilities grow, so will their confidence.

  • We help each child develop social skills and a sense of responsibility. They learn through cooperation, empathy and self-control. Your child will also learn to value diversity and understand their role in the community and the wider world.

  • We cultivate an environment where children are encouraged to explore and discover. This helps them to think and apply what they have learnt to real life. We want to inspire a love for discovery and instil a lifelong passion for learning.

  • We focus on nurturing each child to be healthy, positive and joyful. Our holistic approach covers physical well-being. It also includes safety awareness and fostering positive attitudes towards learning and overcoming challenges. We promote healthy eating and habits, physical fitness and a positive mindset.

Start Your Learning Adventure

Explore the Sparkletots curriculum which enriches your child’s learning with diverse experiences. We incorporate outdoor learning, tech toys and intergenerational programmes into the curriculum. We go beyond helping children to gain knowledge.  We also focus on teaching strong values and self-care. These will be vital for your child’s future success.

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