Why Join PCF Sparkletots?

At PCF Sparkletots, we believe in providing more than just childcare. Here’s why joining us is the perfect choice for your child.

The Sparkletots Edge

  • Children are curious by nature. As we expose them to new and exciting experiences, we want them to feel confident, comfortable and safe to explore the world around them.

    From void deck-based centres to atypical stand-alone or even mega centres, all our preschools are maintained regularly and upgraded periodically to provide the best learning environment for every child.

  • Our teachers are the heartbeat of what we do.

    We are investing heavily in their upskilling and upgrading through structured and sustained training and development. We are committed to equipping them well to nurture a generation of children who can face the future with confidence.

  • From fascinating classroom activities to exciting outdoor learning adventures, every activity is designed to nurture and inspire every child to be future-ready.

    Our programmes enable children to learn and exercise critical thinking, resilience, respect, relationship building and embracing diversity, which are all important dispositions for success.

  • We are not in it for awards and accolades, but our passion for nurturing early learners shines through in everything we do. Our preschools and educators are recognised annually across a range of national-level awards1 in the sector.

    In addition, 4 out of every 5 eligible PCF Sparkletots preschools have attained the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) SPARK accreditation, which is a mark of endorsement for quality preschools and their programmes.

    ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, Ministry of Education’s Outstanding Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teacher Awards and the National Institute of Education’s Leading Foundation Teachers Award.

  • We have a rich heritage of preparing children for formal schooling since the 1960s. Back in those days, preschool classes were conducted in any available space ranging from ‘wayang’ stages to shop houses!

    We have come a very long way, but we remain deeply rooted in our passion and commitment towards nation building by nurturing early learners.