Children learn best when they explore and have hands-on experience as they interact with the world. Every child grows at their own pace, and we celebrate that. We tailor learning to each child’s unique spark. We focus on nurturing independence, encouraging creativity, and teaching children to think for themselves.

At Sparkletots, we use play to help children learn, build friendships, express themselves, and face challenges head-on. The Sparkletots Curriculum lays the groundwork for lifelong learning by building children’s confidence and skills.

Nurturing Young Minds: A Peek Inside the Sparkletots World of Learning

We nurture curious minds, welcoming children aged two months to 6 years old on a journey of discovery. Our curriculum is full of exciting activities. These activities ignite a love for learning across all areas. We believe in the power of a well-rounded education. This is why we also weave mother tongue teaching into our curriculum to honour cultural and language diversity.

Enriching the Learning Journey

Our curriculum goes beyond traditional learning. We provide your child with rich experiences during their time with us. These experiences will ensure their full development. Through the experiences, children will learn strong morals and skills for self-management and success.

An Integrated and Holistic Approach to Children’s Learning and Development

At PCF Sparkletots, we embrace a hands-on approach to learning.

We value active participation, exploration, and the joy of discovery. Our philosophy is simple – children learn best when they engage and collaborate.

Our dedicated teachers are here to nurture your child’s curiosity. They will motivate them to explore, learn, and grow.

Here, we make every step of the learning journey an exciting adventure!

A Day in The Early Years Classroom

Step into the Early Years Sparkle Curriculum, designed for children aged 2 months to 3 years old. Our focus is on nurturing growth through every stage, tailoring experiences to match their age and developmental milestones. Your child will embark on a journey of exploration through a range of enriching sensory activities.

A Day in The Preschool Classroom

Step into a world where we include exciting concepts and activities to spark your child’s imagination and creativity.

We aim to teach good values, vital social skills and a sense of healthy living and safety. It’s all about nurturing a well-rounded, curious mind in a warm, safe environment.

Let the adventure begin.

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