Early Years Sparkle

Step into the Early Years Sparkle Curriculum, designed for children aged 2 months to 3 years old. Our focus is on nurturing growth through every stage, tailoring experiences to match their age and developmental milestones. Your child will embark on a journey of exploration through a range of enriching sensory activities.

The Best Head Start You Can Give Your Child

A child’s development in the first three years is a remarkable journey of incredible growth and transformation. The brain forms millions of connections every second during this period. These three years offer parents a rare chance to support and nurture their child’s growth at this crucial stage.

Nurturing Learning and Growth
for the Early Years

Development and relationships shape every moment in early childhood. Each interaction, from a smile to shared discoveries, is vital for a child’s growth. The little ones will build skills and confidence for a lifetime. They do this through connections with educators, peers and their surroundings.

  • Learning is all about fun and discovery, customised to match your child’s interests and needs. We recognise that each child is unique.  Hence, we create learning experiences that foster exploration and discovery tailored to their specific interests and developmental stage.

  • We understand that development and relationships are foundational to early childhood. Every moment in a child’s life is shaped by the interplay of development and relationships. By recognising the importance of each interaction, from smiles exchanged with caregivers to shared discoveries with peers, we ensure that every child’s growth is nurtured and supported.

  • Our curriculum is designed to empower young learners, helping them build essential skills and confidence for lifelong learning. Through meaningful connections with educators, peers, and their surroundings, children develop the skills they need to navigate challenges, embrace new opportunities, and become self-assured, curious and resilient individuals.

A Day in
The Early Years Classroom

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