One Mother Tongue Language

One Mother Tongue Language (OneMTL) is about making language learning fun and exciting for young children! Our holistic approach covers language development and sparks curiosity, cultural awareness, environmental exploration and all-important social and emotional skills.

Focused on Character Building and Developing Social and Emotional Skills

Our curriculum goes beyond just teaching language skills.

In our vibrant lessons, children dive into meaningful and colourful activities like singing, storytelling, role-playing and puppetry. These not only teach language, they also instil a love for culture and appreciation of Singapore’s multi-racial diversity.

Children get to experience various traditions and practices by celebrating different festivals right in the classroom. Our educators create plenty of opportunities for children to chat away in their mother tongue with friends and grown-ups.

It’s a journey filled with joy and discovery!

Making Mother Tongues a Natural Part of Daily Life.

Following MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework, our MTL Programme is all about kindling the love for learning Mother Tongue languages. We aim to grow kids’ language and literacy skills while giving them a deeper understanding of our local cultures.

In this journey, children get to:

  • Listen to, think in and comprehend their Mother Tongue language.
  • Communicate effectively in their Mother Tongue language.
  • Connect with their heritage and culture.
  • Embrace and respect racial and cultural diversity.

OneMTL Activities

Tamil Language

Tamil language learning fosters cultural understanding as children are exposed to the rich heritage, traditions and literature. Children gain insights into values, customs and norms when they learn a language. It lets them appreciate and respect the diversity of human experiences. 

Malay Language

Exploring the Malay Language goes beyond just learning words. It’s a journey that connects children with the rich culture, traditions and stories of Malay-speaking communities. By immersing in Malay, children build strong communication skills while gaining a deeper appreciation for diversity.

Chinese Language

Learning Chinese offers children more than just language skills. It’s like opening a door to a new world filled with rich traditions and fascinating customs. By diving into Mandarin, children can explore the vibrant culture behind it. It’s a journey that sparks curiosity. It deepens their appreciation for the diversity of our world.

Meet our Award-Winning
Mother Tongue Language Educators

Step into the world of language mastery and cultural enrichment. We proudly present our award-winning Mother Tongue Language educators. Discover the passion, expertise and dedication of these exceptional individuals. They shape the language journey of every child by ensuring a vibrant and immersive learning experience. It celebrates diversity and fosters linguistic excellence.

  • With her firm knowledge and skills, Huang Qiaoxia was nominated and awarded PCF Promising Educarer Award 2021 for her innovative and creative teaching in class. She initiated a fun and exciting way of incorporating our Sparkletots’ vision; Confident and Creative learners with a Caring heart through the story of “The Hungry Caterpillar”.

    Qiaoxia encourages children to retell their stories and share them with their peers and parents. She is also a member of the NE05 Chinese Language Focus Group. She shares and contributes her creative and innovative ideas and teaching strategies.

    She understands that a good educator carefully plans a curriculum for the all-rounded development of children. Hence, she links learning goals that align with the lesson objectives and designs meaningful learning experiences for the children. In modifying the lesson plans, she focuses on the active involvement of children as they construct their knowledge and learning.

  • As a senior teacher, Cikgu Hasniza uses her 12 years of experience to plan, conduct fun and meaningful daily activities for the children. She consistently communicates with them to gauge their level of understanding and communication skills.

    Hasniza also creates activities that aid children’s grasp of their spoken language. She consistently attends workshops to improve her Malay Language skills. Hasniza has learnt many good practices from her lecturer and colleagues and has created a storybook.

    She uploaded the storybook during the Circuit Breaker to parents using her voice to narrate the story. Parents provided feedback that the children enjoyed watching and listening to the story.

  • Ms Balamurugan Shanthi has been with PCF Sparkletots @ Chua Chu Kang Blk 10 for three years and teaches N2, K1, and K2.

    As a Tamil language teacher, she takes great joy in helping children nurture a love for the language. The most memorable experience for her in her journey with PCF Sparkletots is guiding a child to achieve fluency in Tamil. The child won a prize at a Tamil language-speaking competition and thanked Ms Shanti in fluent Tamil!

    Ms Shanthi enrolled in the Diploma in Early Childhood Education to improve her teaching pedagogy and mastery as a mother tongue educator. For her efforts, she clinched the Outstanding Pre-School Mother Tongue Teacher Award in 2021.

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