Outdoor Learning and Learning Beyond The Classroom

At Sparkletots, we let children explore and connect with the world outside. This helps them develop critical thinking skills. It also encourages them to understand how everyone can live in harmony. This applies regardless of race, gender, religion, beliefs and abilities.

How children benefit from outdoor learning

Outdoor learning improves a child’s development. Through various hands-on experiences, Sparkletots’ outdoor learning programme helps children to:

  • Build self-confidence and esteem
  • Develop motor skills
  • Improve focus level
  • Learn to engage in teamwork

Sparkletots provides a safe environment. Your child can explore, discover and experience “brave new worlds”. It can be as simple as observing different leaf shapes or counting pebbles by hand.

Outcomes of Outdoor Learning:

Holistic Learning

In open air, children take part in learning experiences that engage all five senses at a deeper level. This allows our educators to incorporate more creative lesson plans and activities for the children. Outdoor settings also contribute to heightened focus, leading to more effective learning.

A Happier Childhood

Outdoor activities allow children to be active. They refine their motor skills. They strengthen their immune system. They help our children feel happy.

Community Integration

Children thrive by learning through real-life experiences. This prepares them for both school and life. Exploring urban and natural outdoors enhances their connection to the world and its people.

Meet Our Educators Behind Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an integral part of children’s life and overall development. And at PCF Sparkletots, lessons that we conduct indoors can also be done in the Great Outdoor!

With our planned outdoor learning experiences, we aim to encourage and inspire children to explore the natural outside world. In doing so, our children also develop a keen sense of social and environmental responsibility.

PCF collaborated with community partner Mandai Wildlife Group (formerly Wildlife Reserves Singapore), to equip our educators with outdoor learning skills aligned with the PCF curriculum. These educators then applied the thinking routines, maker-centric learning and loose parts play in the classroom and green spaces.

  • At the heart of Cikgu Norliza’s teaching philosophy is a deep commitment to nurture each child’s unique potential.

    Every term, she conducts a Community of Partners meeting with fellow Malay teachers to exchange good practices and share interesting ideas or projects for the centre. By integrating outdoor educational trips with engaging pre- and post-activities, she provides her students rich and meaningful experiences.

    Norliza makes it a priority to consistently update and communicate with the parents, building strong and trusting relationships that support each child’s growth and development. At every step of the journey, Norliza is there, inspiring and empowering her students to reach their full potential.

  • Ms Luklu has a cheerful and bubbly personality; her relationship with children and parents is always engaging and interactive. As the senior teacher, she took charge of the school inventory and the centre’s outdoor learning materials. She always has ideas for implementing new strategies and materials to support outdoor learning. She uses IT in her outdoor teaching, such as Chatterkid, to record children learning, thus making learning fun going and interactive and leaving good memory in children learning. She was an outstanding MTL awardee in 2015 and a member of the HQ ML committee under publication. She was also invited as Teacher-Writer for Nabil Nabilah Reader Series for K1 and K2 in 2019.

  • Ms Lydia Tan has been an English language teacher with PCF Sparkletots @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 48 since 2017. In 2021, she won the PCF Promising Teacher Distinction Award. She teaches children in K1.

    Lydia made a mid-career switch and chose the early childhood education industry to impact the lives and future of the next generation and give back to the community.

    Amongst her most memorable experiences is an outdoor lesson where children placed large sheets of mahjong paper on the ground and then either stood or sat on them. Their peers outlined the shadows cast on the paper and compared it against their sizes.

    Witnessing children becoming caring, confident and creative individuals at the end of their six years journey inspires Lydia to continue to be an educator at PCF Sparkletots.

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