STEMIE equips your child with essential skills that lay a solid foundation for success in primary school and beyond. With Sparkletots’ guidance, your child could even participate in local and international competitions. Many of our young innovators have earned accolades on both national and international levels.  They have shone on platforms like the Singapore Invention Convention, where they proudly showcased their talents and creativity to the world. At Sparkletots, your child will go on a journey of exploration and achievement!

One bright spark can change the world!

Yes! Even a four-year-old can be an inventor.

Through the STEMIE programme at Sparkletots, your child will learn to problem-solve real world challenges using creative and practical solutions.

STEMIE unlocks your child’s potential for:

  • Innovation and Creative Thinking
  • Systematic Problem Solving
  • Strong Resilience and a Can-Do attitude
  • High Confidence and Good Communication Skills

At this time, our STEMIE programme is being rolled out at selected Sparkletots centres. Our goal is to implement STEMIE at all centres by the end of 2024.

STEMIE Activities

Can you build a car?

Children will get to build a car using a design blueprint. This activity inculcates inventive skills as they redesign and remodel the car using their own ideas.

Let’s design a bridge

Children will examine the structure of a bridge and brainstorm ways to build their own. This activity encourages exploration, investigation and discovery.

My Hot Pot!

How do we design a pot so that we can use it to safely carry hot soup? This activity encourages children to experiment with different materials when inventing a solution for a problem.

Meet our Educators behind STEMIE

STEMIE, which stands for Science, Technology, Math, Invention, and Entrepreneurship, develops the thinking skills of children, as well as their resilience and self-confidence.

The team from PCF HQ works with the IDE Academy ( providing STEMIE experiences to our children aged 4 to 6 years old. Children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through simple experiments, discussions, guidance and encouragement. They use their knowledge and creativity to solve real-world issues with practical solutions.

Trained centre leaders and teachers deliver the programme effectively. In addition, we conduct quarterly consultancy and check-in sessions to provide support.

The HQ team also plans the Annual PCF Future-Ready Fair, an exhibition to showcase our children’s inventions.

  • Ms Evelyn Koh has been an English and STEMIE teacher for the K2 group at PCF Sparkletots @ Admiralty Blk 581 for three years. One of her most fulfilling achievements was creating a dark dome for children to explore lights in the dark. Inside this dark dome, our little ones can create shadows, mix different colour lights, engage in sensory play and understand how sound travels.

    Evelyn has also guided children on their invention journeys through the STEMIE programme, where they solve real-world problems with practical inventions. She recalls a project where a child invented a suction glove for mummy to wear, enabling her to hold plates without the risk of dropping them.

    As an early childhood teacher, Evelyn is motivated daily by the surprising things that children say and do and the support received from her colleagues and principal.

  • Ms Amy Tan has been an early childhood educator with PCF Sparkletots @ Tampines North Blk 492 for four years and teaches the N2, K1 & K2 groups.

    As a STEMIE teacher, Amy introduces children to STEMIE by identifying real-world problems in their daily lives and guiding them to develop inventions which solve these problems. One of Amy’s memorable experiences was solving the problem of the pencil lead breakage. Amy and the child involved, brainstormed and tested many materials to protect the pencil lead, ranging from bubble wrap to plasticine. They finally created a “sock” as its protection. This invention, named “Sock it up”, was submitted to the STEMIE convention in 2021.

    Amy enjoys her work as an educator as she can inspire, motivate, and nurture the curious and inventive minds of the little ones.

  • Teacher Wyna of PCF Sparkletots Cashew (CC) joined PCF in June 2022. During one of her STEMIE lessons on helping the visually impaired, she helped her student design a cup with sensors that would prompt the visually impaired when the cup was full so that the person would not get scalded. Teacher Wyna has helped ignite the creativity of our preschoolers in Cashew (CC) to design possible inventions that could address the challenges faced in our daily lives.

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